Dutch girls details and Guide for date with them

Dutch girls - dutch women

The Dutch are white, tall and relatively rich in comparison to the rest of the world. The money is probably a plus. At the corners, our height cannot be so attractive for most non-Europeans. Especially if you are suffering from ‘small man’s syndrome’. But you do not like to look at women or worse.

In addition, we speak a fine language that sounds as a German language. However, it should not be against us. Because we can say at least one foreign language, mainly English. But you can see many of them in French, German or Spanish.

Scandinavian above all of others. Indeed, they are taller than us, rich and bright. So what separates us from the rest of the world?

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Dutch women

We like to see ourselves as independent freedom fighters. Although in reality we think, We are not free. We also think that, We Even though the events humor say a different story. The gender gap is still a subject in our country too.

>> According to a recent research from the University of Teilburg, from six hundred forty-five directors of Belgium, only about 90 females are women.

>> The situation in the academic world is very good. In 2015, only 17 percent were university professors (sources).

>> It is worse in politics, the prime minister’s most important position – never fulfilled by women in Liberia, Bangladesh, Trinidad or Senegal, who are now a woman as their president.

>> In addition, less than 20 percent of Dutch women have full-time jobs, less than 20 percent of the partners.

This is mostly because, Women want to be able to take care of their children. Which does not let you the hook. As a partner for Dutch woman with young children, There will be at least one day of your weekend (Father’s Day). That is to expect your child to take care of, work, shopping and cooking at home.

Open, straight and independent

We are very open and direct to the Dutch. Foreigners can explain it as unreasonable. Because, they are very gentle and they will say a white lie to not insult or hurt. You can expect our Dutch can be very straightforward. If we are hungry, What is your hair today. If you are a good magnet, Then we can tell you whether we want to hang out …. So do not be surprised, When the girl is saying something that you can interpret as irrational: She is just honest with you. And for bonus points: Open as well. If you want to take him: Ask. If you understand that you do not really like him very much, then say so.

About feminism

The Dutch girls you used could be a little more feministic. But that’s a great thing. We are not expensive dolls or princess in the expensive tower, those who have to stay at the door. No, we just have a beer order and laugh about your joke. I’m brave that most Dutch girls excavate who live in the world. See with congratulations: We like to hear that we look great, or we are smart – just do not rush. Similarly, do not expect to receive many compliments. But how do you know that he is in you? Eye contact, my friend If he communicates with a lot of eyes, perhaps more than a few seconds. You might be his good side!

Romantic gesture

As mentioned above, Dutch girls want to feel independent. Of course, opening a door for him is a great gesture. (But do not always step out of your way to do this, or you can get the comment .’I have it, you know’). My roommate once had a date with a guy, Who brought him a red rose. You might think: A great man, such as a romantic gesture! Nay He felt very crazy throughout the whole evening, carrying roses with him on the pawl.

Where to find them

You may already have a person’s mind. But if you are still looking for that particular person, then a big question might be: “Where do I meet him?” Sure, you can go to a bar and see what happens. But we have a better idea for you!

Join sports clubs / gym – most duties actively follow any sport (hockey and football are especially popular). So attractive girls have a sport field and children’s games near the gym. Being healthy and shaping, you are just icing on the cake!

Do what you do once you are dating

Finally, you found your crash! Now, you should know that Dutch girls may be different from the date you return home. Make sure you keep an eye on the following errors.

Take a step – Belgium is a very free country that boasts itself in the fight for women’s equality. However, it also means you do not have to sit around and wait for that wall – do not hesitate to ask yourself!