Top 6 essential vitamins in your aesthetic routine for bright skin

essential vitamins

You will know that not all vitamins will give you these benefits. But there are certain types of vitamins. Here are 6 essential vitamins in your aesthetic routine for a bright skin.

6 essential vitamins in your aesthetic routine for a bright skin

Vitamin A

Vitamin A works to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. And thus will become more bright and young. in which case you should take this type of vitamins in particular to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

You can take vitamin A in the form of pills from the pharmacy, or by eating foods. Such as: red pepper, lettuce, sweet potatoes, mango, apricot and eggs.

Vitamin B

Nourish and regenerate the cells to keep them fresh and bright. As well as to protect the skin from the appearance of wrinkles.

You will find these vitamins in: meat, leafy vegetables, legumes, or grain.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can repair red blood cells. As well as an important type of vitamin that stimulates the production of collagen. And it is rich in antioxidants that protect skin cells from damage.

Take vitamin C as a pill, or you will find it in the following foods: sweet peppers, strawberries, oranges and kiwis.

Vitamin D

Stimulates the production of new cells that you will find in these foods: eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon and soy milk.

Vitamin E

One of the best vitamins that moisturize the skin deeply, and saves them from dryness. And this is what is present in most skin moisturizers.

Eat vitamin E tablets, and you will find them in these foods: olives, salmon and leafy vegetables.

Vitamin K

The most important function of this vitamin is to hide the dark circles that appear under the eye. In addition to it provides the skin moisturizing appropriate.

Vitamin K is found in the form of capsules, found in these foods: cucumber, cabbage, broccoli and leafy vegetables.