Watch Trends – The new smart watch ‘The Galaxy Watch’


The new smart watch ‘The Galaxy Watch’

All of them are already know that. Samsung Electronics has started the advance order of Galaxy Note 9 on August 9. It is also hear that they will start shipping this new flagship phone from August 24th. But what we do not know is that, with this phone Samsung has come up with a new version of SmartWatch. That name is ‘The Galaxy Watch’.

Samsung Electronics Senior Vice President is said, “Galaxy is a big and well known brand. Which guarantees the most quality products. He also hopes that this watch can serve the quality.

Galaxy Watch Price

This clock is made up of 42 and 46 millimeters in two different shapes, and with powerful batteries. 42 mm Bluetooth version Galaxy Watch will start at $ 329.99 US dollars. The 46-millimeter Bluetooth version will also cost $ 349.99. More than 30 operators of more than 15 countries in the world will support this watch. Midnight Black and Rose Gold, these two colors can be laso found in 42 mm. And the 46 mm model is available only in black color.

Like Apple Watch, Samsung has also emphasized on fitness and wellbeing features. Recently, Samsung has introduced an app that will help reduce the level of stress of the user. There will be more slip tracking arrangements. So that the user can know whether the daily sleeping amount is up to date.

Galaxy Watch operating system

Galaxy watch will run on Samsung’s own operating system ‘Tizen’. Which will be operate with rotational bassels. This experience have only the previous user. If you’ve used a smart Galaxy Watch before of Samsung. Then you can do it.

But the fact that everything is impressive is its battery life. The 42mm clock will run for four days at a charge. The 46mm clock will run for 6 days. Where Apple is charging the charge is one day. The fact that their claim is true, now it is worth watching.