What is scala – Scalable code


Do you know, What is scala or Scalable code? If you do not know, then start reading. Today i will tell you about it and also tell about Scalable code. Lets start.

What is scala or Scalable code?

scala (scalable language / Scalable code) is a programming language. It is a software programming language. Scala is mixes with object oriented method with functional programming capabilities. It is support more concise style of programming than another general-purpose programming language like Java. The other benefit of the combined object functional approach is it features. It is work as well in little programs tend to scale up efficiently. When it is run in a large environments.

Scala / Scalable code Release

It is release publicly in 2004 at first time. It is also incorporate some statement oriented programming capabilities and imperative. In addition, it is support static typing, In which computations are built as statements. That variation program state at compile time, an refuge that can provide improve runtime efficiencies. It is typically complete on a Java Virtual machine. Which open up the language for mix use with java objects, classes and methods, as well as JVM runtime optimization.

It also involve its own interpreter. Which can use to edit instructions directly, Without previous compiling. One other feature in it. It is a parallel collection library design to help all developers address parallel programming problem.

CEO of Scala / Scalable code

This programming language is originally write by Martin Odersky. He is a professor of the Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne. It is in Switzerland. He has also a previous work. It is include creation of the Funnel language. Which is share something traits with this programming language. But did not employ JVMs as an execution engine. In 2001, Ordesky began start work on scala. He continues to play a lead role in its development. In 2011, He is a co-founder of scala development tools maker Typesafe Inc. And He is also the San Francisco company’s chairman and chief architect.