How to look beautiful without makeup naturally

How to look beautiful without makeup naturally

You should know that all cosmetics used daily are the main source of chemicals in the body. Instead of using these preparations, skin care can be used with natural recipes to get more effective results without any side effects. In this article you can know about many steps of How to look beautiful without makeup naturally.

How to look beautiful without makeup naturally

There are many steps that we must follow to show the beauty of the face without putting makeup, which is the secret of real beauty, because the development of makeup constantly prevents the skin from breathing, leading to premature aging and facial blemishes and loss of freshness, so that many of the women do not graduate only by layers of makeup, Although there are a number of simple steps that show beauty away from the use of cosmetics, and contribute significantly to highlight the real beauty, the most important of these steps:

Follow a diet by eating some natural fruits and juices; they nourish the skin from the inside.

  • Drink mineral water heavily to maintain skin moisture.
  • Continuous skin care by placing custom skin care lotions, and taking care to wash the skin twice a day in the morning and evening.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight.
  • Eat fresh vegetables constantly.
  • Adequate sleep gives the skin comfort and freshness.
  • Eat all foods in a balanced way.

Choosing a simple haircut that fits your face will greatly affect the appearance of facial beauty without makeup.

Eyelash beauty eyelashes by placing mascara.

To highlight the beauty of the lips by peeling and moisturizing and put a simple gloss granted by the gloss of beauty before going out.

Teeth whitening and maintaining it to give the smile beautiful and charming.

The use of ice cubes in the massage of the skin daily, which is a quick treatment for sunburn. And gives the skin smoothness and recovery. It also reduces the redness of the skin and activates the circulation of the blood and gives it a radiance and freshness. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots around the eyes and moisturize the face. And also increase the beauty of beauty, Early aging, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Natural mixtures to make the skin moist and fresh Of these mixtures:

Mixing helps to tighten the skin: Mix the amount of turmeric powder with an appropriate amount of reed juice well. Then put the resulting mixture on the facial skin for a quarter of an hour after that, rinse with lukewarm water.

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Mix the juice of the cucumber with a tablespoon of rose water and a teaspoon of fresh cream. And a whipped egg whites well to get a mask. Then apply the resulting cream to the facial skin, leave it for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse it with lukewarm water.

Masks for the freshness of the skin

There are a lot of skin cleansers that keep their freshness, and the most important and best handcrafts:

  • Mix half a lemon juice with two tablespoons of orange juice, three tablespoons of rose water, and one egg yolk mixture well; to get a mask. Then apply it to the skin.
  • The honey mask is one of the most important for the skin, especially for sensitive skin. Where it works on peeling and giving it super smoothness.