How to get fresh skin throughout day

How to get fresh skin throughout day

Some one asked: How to get fresh skin throughout day? And we will answer you in detail through the ways. And tips expected and unexpected to assess them from the hour to wake up to sleep. Here are these interesting and interesting details.

How to get fresh skin throughout day?

First, wake up before any appointment for at least one hour. The first thing to do, when you leave the sarser is to go to the window of your room. And inhalation of the air moist and moist to enter the largest amount of oxygen to your body. And then go to the kitchen and drink a cup or two cups of pure water and a little sodium. Add a teaspoon of honey as well as lemon juice in it.

Then clean the skin and then dry it with a soft dry and clean towel. And then moisturize your skin with a soft, gentle moisturizer and leave to dry for about 5 minutes.

If you notice that your eyes are swollen, fold in the refrigerator for two tablespoons and leave them for 5 minutes. Then put them on your eyes and leave them for 5 minutes and the swelling will immediately stop.

If you want to fill your thick pores, use a cube of snow and massage the skin of your face and neck to tighten the skin and close the pores.

Replace the morning cup with a cup of green tea or a soft drink to provide you with energy and vitality and enhance the freshness of your skin.

If you are out of the house, you must apply the solar condom before leaving at least 10 minutes.

When you are outside the home, do not forget to drink water. As well as take a spray of water to refresh your skin constantly, especially on hot days. And also avoid sitting in the sun for long hours as well as avoid the fast meals harmful to the skin. Also replaced by the authorities of appetite and refreshing and healthy.

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When returning from home, the most important stage is to clean the skin and remove the impact of dirt and dust lingering. Then moisturized moisturizer suitable for its type.

Do not sit in places that have air-conditioners. That dry your skin and keep humidifiers indoors, especially in the bedroom.

If you need a quick prescription to tighten the wrinkles for any party or night, use egg whites for this purpose, read (Can skin whitening immediately)

When you return from your party, wash your face again and follow your night care routine.

Read a fun and entertaining book and do not think about the bad things that have happened with you. Anxiety feeds on your skin.

Sleep on a soft, soft pillow and sleep on your back to breathe the skin of your face all night long.

Do not grow less than 7 hours at night, this time allows your skin to repair damaged cells and produce fresh and new cells.

These are the right steps and ideal for getting fresh skin throughout the day. And continue to apply and blind to what many dream of!