Hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures of women

hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures

Women of every nationality enjoy their aesthetics and skin care. Whether by using natural ingredients in their folklore or through the beauty rituals of their culture.

Iranian women are at the top of the list, as are the Koreans and Arab women. Perhaps the East is in the forefront of global beauty; for the richness of its natural ingredients. Such as rose water, henna, camphor and natural oils.

If you are interested in knowing the hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures of women of multiple nationalities, from the East specifically. We will reveal to you the secret of natural elements that are use. Which contribute greatly to the freshness of their skin and the absence of signs of aging.

Here are the Hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures in several nationalities:

The secret of pure skin beauty

Care for daily skin cleansing by choosing the right lotion. And care of peeling at least twice a month is the foundation. Choosing the right lotions for your skin after determining its type is the second element you should pay attention to. Do not choose cosmetics or care that is not suitable for your skin. And also get good moisturizing, specifically in the period of cell building and renewal during sleep. Also make sure that you use good preparations to prevent the sun.

Hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures of Korean skin

Korean women use tropical fruits as a basis for taking care of the beauty of their skin, by constantly handling them and by introducing them to skin care masks. Manga, Papaya, Pashin Frut, etc. are all part of the beauty rituals used by Koreans, mixed with liquid milk, drinking large quantities of water, and away from processed, canned, salted and sugary foods.

Hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures of Indians

Turmeric is the password in the beauty of Indians, who eat it frequently in their diet, and always use it in the skin care masks they put. The rich blend of yoghurt and yoghurt with their skin on a regular basis, giving them a freshener, more pure skin and a higher level of health. Therefore, cancer does not spread significantly among Indian women; they use this magical component.

Hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures of Iranians

Saffron mixed with rose water is the main ingredient used by Iranians for the beauty and purity of their skin. By mixing the ingredients together and rinsing the face with the mixture, always. Every morning and evening, the Iranians are keen to use this mixture. Which leads to the clarity of color and purity of the skin.

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Hidden secret of the beauty in different cultures of Arab women

Henna is the main ingredient in most Arab countries. Which share almost the same popular heritage. The henna arabes blend with curcumin, warm milk and rose water and put it as a mask for the face. This is perhaps one of the secrets of distinguishing the Moroccan bath specifically. Always ask about the henna mask. Which is not only placed on the hair. But also on the skin. It is the best ingredient for those who want to protect their skin and repair their damaged cells.

Secret of the beauty in different cultures of Natural Beauty for Girls

Girls are among the most cared for by their skin. Especially when they have acne or burns caused by exposure to sunlight. Wash the skin with the appropriate lotions every day, peel off at least twice a month. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and take full care of sunscreen. In regards to acne, consult your dermatologist and do not tamper with these pills or take popular recipes without consulting your doctor.