Express Recipes: How to make Creamy Papaya Raita

How to make Creamy Papaya Raita

Hi viewers,

How are you all tody? I hope you are not bad. You come here, Because you want to know about, How to make Creamy Papaya Raita. I have a method that, you can easily make Papaya Raita. You need to use for that a bowl or a plate and need some papaya. Today i am going to share with you that, How to make Creamy Papaya Raita. So, let’s start.

Papaya Raita is one of the very refreshing side dish. Which we can add with any other dish. It is make for a great combination of any dish.

If you do a plan to host a party then you can use Papya Raita on your dish menu. It will be great options. You can also use Ice cream with it. Because, Ice cream make it so creamy.

How to make Creamy Papaya Raita

In my opinion, to make Creamy Papaya Raita is very easy. Because, It does not need to do any hard thing. We can do it in our home in a few minutes. If you want, Then just follow this method and start for make now. We need some equipment to make it. I will discuss with you step by step guide. So, Follow this guide.

What we need:

1 cup piece of ripe Papaya.
2 cup fresh yogurt
6 tbsp choppe of mint, 2 tbsp chooe of green coriander
1/2 tsp black salt, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, or to taste
garnish a few papaya balls, mint sprig

We need to do:

Mix the yogurt with pepper, salt and black salt. Then add ice cream with it. You need to mix well till it is not creamy.
Mix papaya with a fork then you need to ad the curd. Make sure it is mix properly.
Turn into a serving bowl. Then garnish and serve cold.

Hurray, Now creamy papaya raita is ready.